Welcome to Pro Skin Solutions, Inc.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Pro Skin Solutions is an FDA registered contract manufacturer specializing in skincare, haircare products.

With over 30 years experience of research and development, our senior chemist and president from Pro Skin Solutions, Dr. Celia Ferreira, can formulate a wide range of personal care products.

We conduct in-batch and post-shipment quality control tests to detect any deviation from the productís standard and maintain consistency order after order.

Whether we manufacture your own formula or custom develop for your specific needs, Pro Skin Solutions is a full service contract manufacturer and private labeler that will assist you in realizing your project and your vision - from formulation and manufacturing through final distribution.

  • Private Labeling
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Filling & Packaging
  • Consulting
  • Quality Control Tests
  • Distribution and Warehousing Services